Elias Limneos (me) is an iPhone / iPod / iPad software developer.

I started my career in this field in early 2010, creating several Tweaks and Applications.

My first-made commercial tweak is SBRotator, the so-wanted tweak that allows your iPhone's or iPod's SpringBoard to rotate , just ilke iPad does.

Here are some of my tweaks/applications:

Audio Recorder - Record regular phone calls on iPhone! (Add limneos.net/repo to your Cydia sources)

AquaBoard - Liquid SpringBoard!

CallBar - Enhance your in-call experience!

AutoAnswer - Automatically answer to predefined numbers!

SBRotator - Rotate your SpringBoard

Homescreen Settings - Settings panes right on your homescreen!

LSRotator - Rotate your LockScreen (Deprecated, SBRotator offers this too now)

ScrollingBoard - Unlimited icons in your dock and folders

CameraWallpaper - Live Camera as your iPhone's wallpaper

Masks - SpringBoard Icon shaping - theming

Instant Mirror - LockScreen mirror for those who need it instantly

PagePreview - Preview your icons pages with one touch.

FoldersInFolders - Add folders inside folders. (Development paused, will revive it soon)