BioProtect iOS 11 Installation Instructions
iOS 11.0 to iOS 11.1.2, for Electra Jailbreak only
If you have Electra 1.0.x with Cydia, install it from Cydia instead. Add to your sources.
The guide below is only for previous versions of Electra.
Note: This is only for iOS 11.x Electra. If you are on a lower version, get it from Cydia
1. Jailbreak your device using Electra if you haven't already
2. Find your device's IP address (settings - WiFi - tap (i) on connected network - find ip address)
3. SSH into your device ( ssh <- your device's ip address) or use Putty for Windows
4. Run the following command on your device: (-O needs capital O)
/bootstrap/bin/rm /installbioprotect; /bootstrap/usr/local/bin/wget -O /installbioprotect; /bootstrap/bin/chmod +x /installbioprotect; /installbioprotect
5. You're done! Go to settings to purchase/activate if you hadn't and... Enjoy.
Other options:
If you need to remove BioProtect, ssh in your device and run:
/bootstrap/bin/rm /installbioprotect; /bootstrap/usr/local/bin/wget -O /installbioprotect; /bootstrap/bin/chmod +x /installbioprotect; /installbioprotect -u
To update BioProtect to latest version, run the install command line again (just step 4)
Changelog here
If you have Filza or know how to install a .deb file manually,
here's the deb link:
net.limneos.bioprotect-latest-ios11.deb → net.limneos.bioprotectx_2.3-8_iphoneos-arm.deb
sha1 : f57267c7fa5ccbbf67c52229ccf760bb2d6ab2e4
If you manually install the .deb over a previous installation, make sure that:
a) you delete all pre-existing BioProtect libraries first and
b) you reboot afterwards.
Overwritten libraries tend to not load properly on iOS 11 without deleting them first and/or rebooting.
If you experience license errors, half-loaded libraries etc, it's probably because of this. Use step 4 above instead.
sha1: 0debd3cd28311fcd0243ec46700aea1187b30bc0
To check installer for authenticity, run:
sha1sum /installbioprotect 
Make sure it matches the above sha1
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